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We hope everyone in the world enjoys the great time
brought by a cup of good tea.




Premium Raw Material

Our production base is located in Menghai county in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, a major  puer tea growing area and home to the world’s earliest tea plants. To secure a sufficient supply of premium raw material for making puer tea, TAETEA started to make careful plans about material sourcing early in 2004. Now, we own two ecological tea plantations, namely Mount Bada and Mount Bulang tea plantations with each occupying an area of more than 1647 acres. We also have over 200 processing facilities (the places where the raw tea material is prepared) in different tea mountains.  There are a total of  over 60,000 tons of raw material in storage, which becomes one of TAETEA’s greatest advantage.

Inheritance and Innovation of Processing Technology

TAETEA’s puer tea processing technology has been listed as China’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage. The key of the technology states in blending and fermentation, which most distinguishes TAETEA puer tea on the market. At the same time, regarded as the standard in puer tea production, these key technologies have paved the way and set the tune for puer tea’s development in modern times.


Products and Marketing

As an expert in puer tea industry, we provide diversified products and services relating to tea, covering tea products, tea-based beverage, tea wares, Chinese Chadao (the Way of tea), health products, etc. So far, we have got market share in mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan, as well as many other countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Over 2000 TAETEA franchise stores are operating across China. The standardized style and design of our franchise stores, the smart digital system used to manage and trace products, and the excellent after-sale service, all of those give our customers a convenient and fantastic shopping experience.

Charity Events